Monday Here’s Ya Getaway What You’re Here For Wololo 1 Band Needs More Cowbell Ben & Joe’s Radio Show Freak Suddenly Funk Gagarin Radio Suck It And See
1st & 3rd Week In Development
Tuesday Retro Gecko Suspended Frequencies Drama Queens Technomania Decades Of Hip Hop Your Best American Girl Making Waves Much Ado About Mil Polar People Big Beats Manifesto La Petite Mort Drum Tekkers
1st & 3rd Week Funk It Up Only Fools And Politics Rising Up and Rising Down Song Sentimentale Jeremy Waxman
Wednesday In Tune The Sound Seminar Radio: The Movie Mixed Feelings Movements Captain Flasheats The Scat Show Stepney Fried Beats Cruel Garden Heat Rash An Emotional Fish Sugar
1st & 3rd Week Race With Ravi SAVAGE Sounds sad girl sports night
Thursday Brown Sugar J & J Talk Real Twighlight Zoned YAAS!! Low Flying Planes Keno Katsuda; Shelby Weldon Lazin and Roastin Show Under The Radar Mint Choc Finchley Road Sessions Gyration Steppas The Lady Garden Go Funk Yourself Electric Milk
1st & 3rd Week Nomakanjani UC Hell Feel Good Lost Theme Time Reification Hour
Friday Your World The Centre Ground London’s Traffic Jam Rock & Roll Night Club Procrastination Bottleneck Radio The Snake Pit Bomb Disneyland Stack The Unsigned Showcase The Shoe Witches Drunk Rambling Chun Radio
1st & 3rd Week Bigmouths Strike Again Jizz Jazz Beats By Bentham Wonky Nights with DJ Makoma and Kurupt SK E James’ Filmorama
Saturday Soundtrack Of The Week A To Z Under City Lights From A North London Patio The Rewind Anthony Manganiello Charlotte Stanbridge & Ryan W A V E S Leftovers Enter The Trap House Jafar James & Zach’s Hour of Power
1st & 3rd Week Rare Grooves and Heavy Moves Make It Up As We Go
Sunday Noise and Vapours The Crystal Ship The Radiologist Transforming Space Alex and Tom Live In Patch’s Den SRA SRA Koffee and Konversation with Karan Soul Mining Ruja Riddims Twelve Tracks Punch Line 50% Kanye
1st & 3rd Week Shockable Rhythms Phoenix Radio Selected Ambient Works